Anime Anya and manga Anya are both adorable in their own unique, and gigantic, ways.

We’re pretty lucky that SoraNews24 headquarters is located in Shinjuku. It’s one of Tokyo’s busiest and most exciting neighborhoods, where there’s always something cool to see…or, recently, something adorable.

Since the end of September, Anya, the cutest character of anime series Spy x Family, has been appearing on the Cross Shinjuku Vision billboard. Because of the 3-D effect created by the monitor’s curved face, she’s become known as “3-D Anya,” and she’s been brightening our day whenever we walk by and her video is playing.

▼ 3-D Anya

3-D Anya is part of the celebration of Spy x Family’s second season, which started on October 1. That’s not the only milestone for the franchise this month, though, as the 10th volume of the Spy x Family manga came out on October 4, and it’s getting its very own video salute in the form of…MEGA ANYA!

▼ Mega Anya’s eyes sparkle under the hiragana text for “Shibuya.”

Mega Anya can be found a few train stops down the Yamanote Line from Shinjuku in the Shibuya district, on the massive Shibuya Scramble Square video display that’s equivalent to several stories’ worth of vertical space on the skyscraper right next to Shibuya Station. Since Mega Anya is promoting the manga, she appears in black and white, with movement reminiscent of a traditional kamishibai paper cutout puppet performance.

▼ Mega Anya has two different animated sequences, and we’ve got them both in the part of the video cued up here.

Both Mega Anya and 3-D Anya will be sticking around until October 9, but we’re pretty sure those won’t be the last time you’ll be able to bump into her while out and about in Japan.

The tiny little esper is one of the biggest stars in anime these days, after all.

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