Two types of ramen popcorn are on their way to stores/stomachs in Japan.

Popcorn is always a tasty snack, but it’s even better when it’s got a special topping or flavor. Extra butter and caramel are the two most popular in the west, but this month Japan is getting something even better: ramen-flavored popcorn!

The thanks for this innovation go to Ace Cook, makers of Super Cup, one of Japan’s favorite brands of cup ramen. With Super Cup having been around since 1988, though, there are a number of different varieties in the product line, and so Ace Cook picked two of its most popular ramen flavors to turn into popcorn.

The first of the pair is Super Cup Tonkotsu Popcorn. Tonkotsu ramen and its pork-stock broth first solidified its popularity on Japan’s southwestern island of Kyushu, but it’s now become one of the best-loved, most-eaten types of ramen nationwide, and its meaty mix of savory and salty flavors should impart maximum munchabilty to the popcorn.

For even bolder flavor, there’s also the Super Cup Pork Kimchi Popcorn. Ace Cook says it packs all the umami of the cup ramen-version’s spicy noodle broth and promises (or perhaps warns) that this is a snack you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.

Both flavors go on sale January 23, so we’ll have to see if we have any bags of sweet mochi popcorn left over so we can have both main-course and dessert in popcorn form.

Source, photos: PR Times
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