Two-way backpacks/totes bring real robot industrial design to your wardrobe.

Mobile Suit Gundam established the “real robot” anime genre, which made greater attempts to explain how giant robots could exist within an otherwise realistic world, and part of that is a focus on their industrial design. For example, Gundam’s mecha often have a semi-modular design, with the section on their upper back that contains weapons and thrusters referred to as the unit’s “backpack.”

Gundam backpacks are getting a new meaning this month, though, with the launch of a line of for-human Gundam backpacks that look just like their anime robot counterparts.

Strapped to your back, these bags replicate the look of one of three different mobile suits from the original Gundam TV series.

In addition to the RX-78-2 Gundam, there’s also a backpack for the MS-06 Zaku II. Despite its perennial cannon-fodder status, the Zaku has plenty of fans, and its backpack is just the sort of thing to wear if you’re about to incredulously shout “It’s a Gundam!” before being blown to bits.

And last, for those craving an antagonist backpack from a mobile suit that’s actually capable of putting up a fight against the series’ titular hero mech, there’s the MS-07B Gouf model.

All of the bags can actually be used in two ways, either as backpacks or as totes, since they have both shoulder straps and a single handle at their top.

Each bag is priced at 5,940 yen (US$46), and the whole line goes on sale January 26 on the Premium Bandai website.

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Source: via Japaaan

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