This Japanese ramen chain really knows how to please its customers.

One of the most famous and beloved ramen chains in Japan is Ichiran, which had its start in Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, the home of tonkotsu ramen, which is the style of noodles the chain specialises in.

We’re big fans of the Hakata-style thin noodles and rich pork bone broth served up by Ichiran, so whenever New Year rolls around, we always make sure to purchase one of their fukubukuro lucky bags. We were a bit late to the noodle party this year, but we’re happy to say we didn’t miss out, so although our delivery arrived later than usual, we can finally reveal what was in their 10,000-yen (US$77.13) lucky bag for 2023.

The five products inside the box are enough to make any noodle lover squeal with delight, so let’s take a closer look at them below.

▼ First up, we have a five-pack of Ichiran ramen curly noodles.

The curly instant noodles differ from the ones served up at Ichiran branches, which are famous for being straight and thin. Fans won’t miss out on the chain’s signature noodles, though, as the bundle contains a five-pack of Ichiran ramen Hakata thin straight noodles as well.

▼ The five servings of noodles come in a box with packs of broth and spicy red seasoning.

If you’re worried about not having enough noodles in your bowl, fear not — the lucky bag includes ten packs of thin noodles to use as extra servings, or “kaedama” as they’re known in the ramen world.

The lucky bag doesn’t just include noodles, but a pair of chopsticks and a bowl to complete the Ichiran-at-home experience.

▼ The chopsticks are specially designed to grip the noodles securely.

▼ While the bowl…

▼ …is a fine piece of Arita ware, a high-quality Japanese porcelain.

The bowl we received looks and feels identical to the ones customers use at Ichiran restaurants!

We previously received a bowl designed for children in a lucky bag one year, which was much smaller and lighter, as it was made of melamine.

▼ The child’s-sized bowl.

Lining the two bowls up side-by-side shows just how large the porcelain one is by comparison.

As far as lucky bags go, the one from Ichiran is on the pricier side, but it’s still a good deal, especially with the porcelain bowl included, as it’s usually not available for sale at the Ichiran online store.

For us, an Ichiran lucky bag is always worth the investment, and if you’re able to make your own solo booth counter to recreate the restaurant experience at home, even better!

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