It makes the manga world go round too.

About a year ago, the online manga service MangaPlaza opened its virtual doors and large collection of mainstream titles along with a wide range of Boys’ Love (BL) and Teens’ Love (TL) titles. I even took the opportunity to peek into the world of BL and found it was a lot better than I’d expected.

But now a year has passed and MangaPlaza is celebrating its one-year anniversary. As a part, they released their five most popular titles from the past year. I was expecting their mega-hits like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Revengers to be there but was surprised to find that MangaPlaza readers had far more selective tastes.

So, without further ado, here are the five most-read manga titles on MangaPlaza in no particular order.

1. Misadventures in First Love

Image: ©Fukahara Nina/Solmare Publishing

This story follows Sana, a jilted youth who turns to a life of delinquency after her not-so-hot boyfriend dumps her. However, after three years hardened by a solitary life, she suddenly finds herself in a love triangle with the student council president and her former boyfriend who had undergone a major change in looks.

2. The Managing Director’s Ingeniously Sweet Plan

Image: ©Mashiro Yuki/Milan Takii

Rena is living a double life, holding a white-collar job during the day while moonlighting as a bar hostess in the evening. These two worlds come crashing together when her handsome co-worker Shun happens to show up at her bar. Can she continue living as she wants while also navigating a relationship with the office heartthrob?

3. Tonight, Shall We Exchange Husbands?

Image: ©Irie Natsu/ WWWave

Exploring the old saying that the husband is always greener on the other side, this story centers around two wives who decide to swap their polar-opposite husbands and see how the other half lives.

4. Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!

Image: ©mamakari/Solmare Publishing

Yumiko was down on her looks and weight when a freak accident that nearly kills her ends up transforming her into a totally different person. Her newfound positivity over how she looks begins to infect those around her, and much like the premise of this quirky manga suggests, there are plenty of wild twists and surprises in store for her.

5. Makeup with Mud

Image: ©2020 by YOSIKAZU/COAMIX

The power of makeup shines in an unconventional way in the manga in which Miku becomes resigned to a life of never being good with cosmetics. Then, a chance encounter with a specialist one day shows her just how much a difference a makeover can have on one’s life.

Considering these five titles have risen to the top of MangaPlaza’s over 83,000 chapters from 40 publishers, they’re certainly worth checking out if you haven’t already. It’s a good time too, since MangaPlaza is offering 50 percent off on nearly all of their titles, along with other special offers in celebration of their first anniversary.

Head on over to their website to check out what else they have in store on this auspicious occasion and get into some love, manga style.

Source, top image: ManagaPlaza
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