You and your pup will never feel alone again.

There are plenty of dog cafes in Japan where you can spend time with dogs that aren’t yours, but where can you bring your own pup? In October 2022, The Y’s Café underwent a major makeover to become a dog café exclusively for toy poodle owners to create a community and offer a space for new dog owners to consult with more experienced ones.

The cafe is fully equipped as a space for both toy poodles and their owners to socialize, relax, and learn from each other. They have closely set ample seating that’s perfect for striking up conversation with strangers.

There’s a sheltered dog run for the pups to play in regardless of the weather, along with a photo corner for dogs and owners to commemorate their play dates.

Along with being a great place to hang out, the café also aims to tackle the issue of pets being euthanized or surrendered to pet shelters. During Japan’s soft lockdown when remote work had become the norm for many industries, the number of dog owners skyrocketed–with toy poodles in particular being extremely popular.

Social distancing made some owners feel isolated, and when many companies began calling employees back into the office, there was also a rise in toy poodle owners who didn’t feel equipped to care for their pup full-time. That caused an increase of dogs being surrendered to pet shelters or given up for adoption.

And so The Y’s Cafe was born, acting as a space where dogs and owners can feel less alone, socialize with fellow owners, and enjoy a good meal. Their tasty looking food menu has something to please everyone. Here are just a few of their menu items with prices:

Ube Pancakes – 1,300 yen (US$9.63)

▼ Vegetable Curry – 1,050 yen

▼ Premium Hamburg Plate – 1,320 yen

▼ And of course, there’s a menu for the doggos, like this plate set.

So if you too are a toy poodle owner in Japan looking for a place to meet fellow poodle owners, consider visiting The Y’s Cafe! You’ll be welcome with open paws.

Café information
The Y’s Cafe
Address: Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku Osu 1-7-26
Open weekdays 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Sources: PR Times (1, 2), The Y’s Cafe
Insert images: PR Times
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