Our natural instinct is to open up our Gashapon capsules ASAP, but it’s not so simple here.

Part of what makes buying capsule toys in Japan so fun is the growing sense of anticipation. By the time you put in your coins, turn the crank, and wait for the capsule to drop into the tray, you probably can’t wait to open up the orb as quickly as you can.

And yet, that last step is exactly what Bandai wants to slow down with its new capsule toy series called Zettai ni Akanai Gashapon, or “Gashapon Capsules that Absolutely Won’t Open.”

▼ Gashapon Capsules that Absolutely Won’t Open

If you’re thinking that name sounds like a challenge, you’re exactly right. The Gashapon Capsules that Absolutely Won’t Open are puzzle toys. Despite the name, they actually can be disassembled, but only by moving their parts in both the correct directions and sequence, which it’s up to you to figure out.

The complete lineup consists of six items, split between two colors (white pearl and black metallic) and three difficulty levels. The Level 1 capsules, pictured below, look pretty simple…

…but the Level 2 adds extra pieces…

…and the Level 3 looks complex enough that it might just live up to its “Absolutely Won’t Open” name if you’re not willing to put in the effort to unlock its secrets.

Because of their spherical shape, the Gashapon Capsules that Absolutely Won’t Open pop out of the machine wrapped in plastic, but without any exterior capsule of their own. Also, they don’t appear to contain any sort of figure or knickknack inside – the satisfaction of solving the puzzle is your prize

The Gashapon Capsules that Absolutely Won’t Open can be found in capsule machines across Japan now, priced at 300 yen (US$2.25).

Source: Bandai via IT Media
Images: Bandai
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