We’ve shared with our readers quite a few Sailor Moon products in our past articles, from sexy Sailor Moon lingerie to sparkly  Sailor Moon  chopsticks. Now, while fans may be delighted with the wide range of Sailor Moon goods available, particularly the cute gadgets from toy maker Bandai, there are so many of them that it probably isn’t realistic to try to collect all of them, especially considering that some of the items aren’t exactly cheap.

In fact, some of our reporters at sister site Pouch who are die-hard fans of the series, had just recently been wishing aloud that Bandai would come out with an affordable range of Sailor Moon transformation compact mirrors. Well, it seems their wish has now come true! Just this week, Bandai released a new range of lovely compact mirrors, and more importantly, they’re cheap and can be bought right from a Gashapon vending machine!

Yes, to our reporters’ delight, five types of shiny, colorful compact mirrors  are now available, and they only cost 300 yen (US$3) each! You can see how cute they are in the pictures below:

▼The “Transformation Brooch” compact mirror
▼The “Crystal Brooch” compact mirror
▼The “Cosmic Heart” compact mirror
▼The “Crisis Moon” compact mirror
▼The “Chibi-Moon” compact mirror

See, aren’t they darling? What’s even better, the compacts open up and come with a real mirror, so they’re also functional as well and can be used as a pill case or to store small pieces of jewelry. It’s no wonder our reporters are absolutely thrilled with these affordable yet cute trinkets. They’re exactly the kind of item they’ve been looking for!

The compact mirrors are currently available from the Gashapon toy dispensing machines at select Yodobashi Camera stores, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see them being sold at more locations in the future. We’re quite sure any fan would seriously be interested in collecting all five of the items, after all, and as affordably priced as they are, they could turn out to be enormously popular!

Original article by: Meru Rinko
Source and photos: Gashapon Sailor Moon site  (Japanese), Gashapon World (Japanese), Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Official Site  (Japanese)
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