Powering up our instant noodles with Nissin Cup Noodle’s instant tempura and abura-age【Taste Test】

Was it able to fulfill our dreams as much as fill our stomachs?

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Instant tempura and abura-age from Cup Noodle maker Nissin coming to power up your noodle meals

Donbei Delicious Toppings can even be used without noodles.

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We try making a low-calorie katsu with tofu instead of pork【SoraKitchen】

Can we make a healthy, plant-based alternative to pork with tofu?

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Do different brands of Japanese tofu taste different? We try all the supermarket types to find out

You’ll never shop for tofu in Japan the same way again.

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Transparent soy sauce is a thing — we saw it, we tried it, we’re confused by it

Our resident soy sauce fanatic gives it a try and breaks her brain in the process.

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We learn how to make tofu with this at-home make-your-own tofu kit【SoraKitchen】

Make tofu that’s even better than what you can buy at the store at home!

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Gold Gundam tofu appears in Japan, requires “painting” with real gold for full effect【Taste test】

Forget Gunpla. Today it’s all about the Gun-tofu!

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Tired of chocolate? Try celebrating Valentine’s Day with … tofu!

Who would have thought that tofu could be a colorful and healthy option for a Valentine’s treat

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New tofu from Japan brings Kyoto’s iconic Daimonji fire festival to your plate

Fiery images seen on mountains surrounding Kyoto come to life with…a dollop of soy sauce.

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Our lovestruck reporter tries to make a batch of cookies for his girlfriend for Japan’s White Day

After getting love-dovey Valentine’s Day chocolate for the first time in his life, Seiji steps into the SoraKitchen to make cookies that require no butter or liquid.

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What’s the real meaning of Japan’s “burning tofu” emoji?

It’s not fire, and it’s not food, but every Japanese person immediately understands the symbol that has the rest of the world scratching their heads.

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Noodle-free ramen? Cup Noodle maker ditches the noodles in new ramen broth soups

Low-calorie alternatives replace the carbs with something else.

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One of Japan’s biggest beef bowl chain begins offering low-carb meals with tofu instead of rice

Losing the carbohydrates gains you a taste of Kyoto cuisine.

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The only things better than Japanese cooking videos are miniature Japanese cooking videos!

At this point, we’re not even sure we can even call it “bite-size!”

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Hey, “cool guy!” Here’s why you should double-check the meaning of your Japanese kanji T-shirt

With its brushstroke-style Japanese text, this T-shirt might look cool, but it’s literally ridiculous.

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Is this studly tofu maker really all he seems?

Making tofu, believe it or not, actually requires enough physical labor that, even if you’re just making enough for yourself, you’re liable to at least break a sweat (although, honestly, why on earth would you make just a single serving of tofu?). There’s a lot of pressing and carrying heavy things around and grunting involved in tofu creation, is what we’re saying.

But is it hard enough that making a lot of it over time can turn your average tofu maker into a rippled, muscular Adonis? The short answer is, uh…maybe. Your results may vary (and you probably ought to hit the gym, anyway) but Taiwanese media claims to have found at least one particularly fit local tofu maker.

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Hardcore tofu consumption lands man in hospital with over 500 kidney stones

In the food world, there a few items more innocuous than tofu, with its bland color and taste, squishy texture, and low calorie count. In fact, if you could tolerate eating tofu day in day out, most would say you’re living a pretty healthy lifestyle.

But not so fast! It would appear that looks, taste, and generally positive nutritional information can be deceiving. Just ask one 55-year-old tofu-lover who, over time, turned his kidney into a terrarium with about 500 kidney stones inside at once.

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There’s something hiding beneath this mountain of ramen toppings, but it’s not ramen

Ramen is pretty well-known around the world as a hearty soup of plentiful ingredients. Sure there are variations from country to country, but at the end of the day, it’s all just noodles and broth with the necessary toppings to add character.

At least that’s how it used to be, before one ramen restaurant felt bold enough to reinvent the wheel and take the “men” (as noodles are called in Japanese) out of ramen. But what did they put in place of the lovely noodles that traditionally define ramen?

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McDonald’s Japan just released Tofu Nuggets, and they taste… 【Taste Test】

Just days after the taking Chicken McNuggets off its menu in the light of the China food scandal, McDonald’s Japan has unveiled a brand new, rather unusual product: Tofu Shinjo Nuggets and Ginger Sauce, a combination of bean curd, fish and vegetables shaped into bite-size pieces and deep-fried.

Turning to tofu–a food that has long been a favourite in Japan and known for its health benefits–is certainly a wise move, and McDonald’s is undoubtedly in need of something new to entice customers back with, but while we’ve no doubt all craved deep-fried chicken at some point in our lives, we’d hazard a guess that very few have ever longed for a box of tofu nuggets at the end of a night on the town.

Curious cats that we are, we headed over to our local McDonald’s to grab a few boxes of the new nuggets. Join us after the jump to find out how they taste.

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Are your “healthy” new year’s resolutions harder than you thought? Try some Rilakkuma tofu!

It’s only Wednesday, and already we’ve seen two brand new Rilakkuma products–clearly Japan’s favourite little bear is going to have a good year. Thankfully, this one won’t hurt your bank balance quite like the ear-toting Rilakkuma sofa we showed you yesterday. What you see before you are blocks of tofu designed especially for fans of the lethargic teddy, each featuring imprints of his face. Tofu may not be the most exciting foodstuff in the world, but we’re fairly sure this would help liven it up.

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