Spring-inspired crepes and beverages are also available!

Along with the rest of Japan, pancake chain Eggs n’ Things are celebrating the arrival of spring, and with it, cherry blossom season, and have added sakura-flavoured products to their Japanese menu. The chain was originally founded in Hawaii back in 1971, and for almost 40 years only had stores in the U.S. But back in 2010, the first branch of Eggs n’ Things outside of the U.S. was opened in Tokyo’s Harajuku, and there are now 31 branches across the country.

For a limited time only, customers can enjoy the taste of spring with Eggs n’ Things’ Sakura Pancake and An Butter Crepe, with sakura-flavoured seasonal drinks also available.

Sakura Pancake, 1,848 yen (US$14.14) for eat-in, 1,296 yen for take-out 

First off on the menu are the Sakura Pancakes. Slathered in a mildly sweet mascarpone sauce with a generous helping of sakura-flavoured chocolate heaped on top, these pancakes are the perfect treat to eat under the cherry blossom trees. For customers eating in, the pancake also comes with a mountain of sakura-flavoured whipped cream, with sakura-flavoured syrup drizzled on top. You can’t get much more sakura than this!

The pancakes are served with a sanshoku dango (the iconic ‘three coloured rice dumplings’) skewer which comes with a sakura-flavoured bean paste.

An Butter Crepe — 1,540 yen for eat-in, 1,404 yen for take-out 

The An Butter Crepe is another seasonal item on the menu. It’s a crepe filled with a thick, smooth red bean paste and comes with sakura-flavoured shredded chocolate sprinkled on top.

As well as these two desserts, Eggs n’ Things also have two springtime-inspired drinks on their menu for a limited time.

Sakura Lemonade — 715 yen for eat-in, 702 yen for take-out 

The Sakura Lemonade is a refreshing drink with sakura jelly floating on top, like sakura petals.

Sakura Milk — 715 yen for eat-in, 702 yen for take-out 

Rounding off the seasonal menu is the Sakura Milk, which is a mildly sweet cup of warm milk with a whipped cream topping. As you bring the cup up close to your lips, the soft, sweet aroma of sakura wafts up through your nostrils.

Much like the sakura themselves, you only have a limited time to enjoy Eggs n’ Things’ spring menu, and it will run until Monday, April 17.

Source: Eggs n’ Things Japan via Entabe
Images: Eggs n’ Things Japan
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