Newlyweds skip standard Japanese wedding protocol and do what they really want to do: raise Nintendo sword high to declare their love for one another.

There are a couple of things that you’re expected to have as part of your wedding reception in Japan. For example, your boss from work is supposed to make a speech, and the bride and groom also read tearful letters of thanks to their parents.

Japanese Twitter user Tasuku Serizawa (@task_machine) didn’t want any of that, though nor did he want the cliched scene of his wife feeding him a bite of their wedding cake. That’s not to say he didn’t want a cake, but, as you might have already figured out, he didn’t want the stereotypical tiered dessert with snowy frosting and strawberries that’s seemingly everyone’s first choice in Japan.

No, Serizawa and his bride wanted something a little more unique, and since they’re both huge fans of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda video game franchise, they went with this.

That’s a recreation of the Master Sword, Zelda’s recurring ultimate weapon, plunged into a cake styled after the stone pedestal in which the blade sleeps until a legendary hero comes and pulls it out.

While the blade itself isn’t edible, the newlyweds did use it to slice the cake while a selection of music from the Zelda series was played through the banquet hall’s sound system.

However, even in Nintendo’s country of origin you can’t just walk into your local bakery and pick up a Zelda cake. The dessert was custom-made for the reception, and when the patissiers originally heard Serizawa’s request, they weren’t sure they’d be able to accommodate him, since they knew it would be difficult to create a cake that looks and is colored like stone but still has a soft, spongy texture. They managed to persevere, though, and Serizawa says that when he saw the cake it far exceeded his expectations.

▼ The Zelda logo, compete with the couple’s anniversary date, March 2, was an edible piece of chocolate art.

Despite its power, the Master Sword usually becomes available to players midway through the Zelda games. That makes it an even more fitting choice for wedding cake theme, since while March 2 was an unforgettably special day for the couple, there’s still more romance and adventure to come as they star their new life together.

Source: Twitter/@task_machine, IT Media
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