She’s never played a single game in the series, but she’s made one of the coolest works of Zelda fan art ever.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released last week, and while it wisely stays close to the core gameplay of its phenomenally popular predecessor, Breath of the Wild, it features a few brand-new mechanics too. Most notably, there’s the Fuse ability, which allows you to combine all sorts of items in a seemingly infinite number of ways.

But while most gamers were thinking up how to flex their creative muscles using Fuse, Japanese Twitter user @nenetotomasaru was making an amazing Zelda creation of her own in her kitchen. She decided to make a special Zelda bento boxed lunch, and while some of us with the same ambition may have simply arranged some ingredients into Triforce-like triangle formations and called it a day, @nenetotomasaru’s hobby is chara-ben, or character bento, and so she made one that looks like Zelda protagonist Link.

And when we say it looks like Link, we mean it really looks like Link. The level of detail and craftsmanship is so high that it’s easy not only to recognize the character, but even to see that this is specifically Link’s design from Tears of the Kingdom, not any of the other Zelda games.

@nenetotomasaru doesn’t reveal most of the secrets that went into making the Link bento, but she does share that she achieved the shine in his eyes by using strategically placed mayonnaise.

▼ A close-up of the eyes can be seen by clicking on the right arrow in this post from @nenetotomasaru’s Instagram account (nenetotomasaru)

“Happy adventuring, everybody!” @nenetotomasaru tweeted along with the photo. Considering how much time and effort went into it, @nenetotomasaru must be a long-time fan of the series, right? Not exactly. Though she likes the fantasy genre in general, @nenetotomasaru says it’s the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series that she’s been playing since long ago. As a matter of fact, she’s never played any of the Zelda games. Instead, it’s her son who’s into the series, and the Link bento is a salute to him and everyone else jumping back into Hyrule for the latest quest.

▼ This begs the question: Would it be possible to recreate @nenetotomasaru’s Link bento within Tears of the Kingdom by using the Fuse ability?

But even as someone with no first-hand experience with the series, @nenetotomasaru herself is excited about Tears of the Kingdom, so much so that she even went out and bought an Ichibankuji prize lottery ticket for it and won one of those cool Rupee dishes. Many also would say there’s no better time to jump into the series than right now, so hopefully she’ll get to try it out, though Final Fantasy XVI on the way next month, she might already be busy planning yet another chara-ben.

Source: Twitter/@nenetotomasaru via IT Media
Top image: YouTube/Nintendo of America
Insert image: Twitter/@nenetotomasaru
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