karaage kun

Lawson chicken nuggets have a new mild curry flavor, packed in adorable Eevee boxes!

Project Eevee teams up with convenience store Lawson to provide cute Pokémon packaging for the chain’s newest tasty chicken offerings.

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We try the Lawson chicken nuggets that Katy Perry went nuts for on Japanese television

What makes a fried nugget so good that it causes a songstress to cram her mouth full with them and create international headlines?

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Black fried chicken appears in Japan with new Black Hole-flavor convenience store snack

A triple helping of dark ingredients creates fried chicken unlike any we’ve ever seen on Earth.

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Japanese convenience store registers now playing Dragon Quest level-up music for shoppers【Video】

Iconic video game fanfare rewards purchasers of Dragon Quest Critical Hit-Flavor fried chicken.

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Dragon Quest Heal magic-flavored fried chicken coming to Japan to keep video game fans’ HP full

Delicious fried chicken draws near. Command? Eat, of course!

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Mr. Sato tries top secret rated-R fried chicken from popular Japanese convenience store

As we’ve declared before, convenience stores are one of the many things Japan gets awesomely right. And out of all the conbini in Japan, one of the greatest things housed within the walls of popular convenience store, Lawson, isn’t found on the shelves, but nestled safely behind the counter. Yes, their perfectly plump, consummately crispy fried chicken dubbed “Karaage-kun” costs a mere 210 yen (US$2.05) for hot, salty bliss. With a heart full of love for Karaage-kun, we could barely contain our jealousy upon learning that Mr. Sato, the most…unique reporter from our Japanese site, was invited to the Lawson headquarters to try out their new grilled Hokkaido corn-flavored Karaage-kun.

And so Mr. Sato marched down to crispy chicken HQ, still rocking his post-apocalyptic haircut, to try our most favorite convenience store snack. Little did he (or we) know that he would also be presented with an ultra-top-secret fried chicken unfit to be consumed by children younger than 15 years of age.

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