jump rope

Testing the automatic jump rope spinner from Akihabara’s Thanko

Coordination and fitness are just a hop, step, and jump away.

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Japanese students and samurai in the spotlight for Guinness World Records Day 【Videos】

In Japan, children and adults alike are achieving amazing things.

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Talented Japanese sixth graders pull off mind-blowing jump-rope routine【Video】

It’s a performance that’s almost too cool for school!

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Check out the incredible futuristic gear at Japan’s 2015 Good Design Awards 【Videos】

Every year since 1957, Japan’s Good Design Awards have honored products which are designed in such a way to have a positive impact on people’s lives. The award system, which is now operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, has recently released their list of 2015’s Good Design Best 100 award winners.

With such innovative ideas as LED jump ropes and basketball courts, these awards are truly the best place to catch a glimpse of athletics equipment of the future!

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