Photo studio chain even offers Question Mark Block photo frames as part of tie-up with Nintendo’s Super Mario.

Nintendo’s Mario is, without question, video gaming’s biggest superstar. Doting parents would say, though, that their own kids are no less super, and so in recognition of that, Japanese photo studio chain Studio Alice is collaborating with the Super Mario franchise.

Japanese family-oriented photo studios tend to have a wide wardrobe of fancy attire and fanciful costumes for kids to wear for their pictures, and as part of the tie-up Studio Alice will be offering Mario’s signature outfit, including hat, gloves, overalls, and boots. Sizes range from 70 to 130 centimeters (27,6 to 51.2 inches), so babies and elementary school-age kids alike can enjoy dressing up as the famous plumber/platforming hero.

Studio Alice will also be offering a selection of special Super Mario backdrops, with the most inventive being the Together with Yoshi design, which makes it look like your baby is riding on dinosaur pal Yoshi.

▼ Basically, your kid takes the place of Yoshi’s Island’s Baby Mario

For older kids, there’s the Mario Adventure, which shows them bursting out of a pipe like they’re Mario arriving in the Mushroom Kingdom (or former prime minister Shinzo Abe showing up at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics).

And last, Let’s Party backgrounds can be used for photos of kids of any age.

▼ Aside from “Happy Birthday,” you can add messages such as “100 Days” or “200 Days” to celebrate those milestones since birth, or “753” to mark the Shichi-Go-San celebrations traditionally held in Japan when a child is seven, five, or three-years old.

In addition to photo prints, you can also get a frame styled after Super Mario’s iconic Question Mark Block.

Add it all up, and it’s the cutest, coolest collaboration from Studio Alice since that time they let parents turn their kids into Pikachus, and the Super Mario team-up starts July 1.

Source, images: PR Times
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