cat toys

We got our paws on the real-kitty-litter snow globe, and here’s how it looks

Spoiler: it’s worth it.

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New gacha toy makes a weirdly cute addition to our desks and keeps our bottle caps safe

Never lose a bottle cap again with a Bottle Cap Cat!

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London’s calling because they have the best cat toys on the market

With this new toy, cats are going to be telling us to go full steam ahead!

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We found the perfect present for your beloved cat this summer…a cardboard submarine!

Ishoya, a Japanese shop specializing in unique feline goods, has released a DIY submarine for cats made from cardboard. Aptly named “Cat Box 02”, the bright-yellow submarine-shaped cardboard box is set to charm both feline friends and owners with Instagram accounts for their cats alike.

Join us after the jump for adorable pics of happy sailing (and flying) cats!

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