Masanuki is drawn to high-beam eyes like a moth to a flame.

Our writer Masanuki frequently buys and reviews products he finds on the web, from the amazing to the horrible to the downright absurd. As such, he also frequently receives email ads from his various online retailers, possibly because he comes across as the type who’d buy anything they put in front of his face.

The emails he gets from AliExpress always come with aggressively attractive titles like “Highly rated!” and “Everyone’s favorite!” but whenever Masanuki clicks on it, it’s something weird like a Pikachu centipede. This time, however, his curiosity was thoroughly piqued.

Masanuki knew he’d finally found something that could actually be worthwhile in these LED glasses. The product image shows that, unlike the type of LED glasses that illuminate in a fashionable way for a rave or graduation ceremony, this eyewear has the practical purpose of allowing you to see in the dark.

They also seem to make the wearer look like a Killbot 2000 with laser eyes, and all for just 263 yen! Even when factoring in shipping, that still only came to 370 yen (US$2.67) so Masanuki was left with no choice but to buy a pair and try them out.

▼ Two weeks later his package arrived and he hurriedly took his laser eyes out…

They had a very conservative black-rimmed style that goes with any outfit and the sticker on the lens told Masanuki that they were prescription glasses too. He had bought them so hastily that he didn’t notice the product name describing them as multi-strength and being available in farsighted prescriptions of +1.00 to +4.00–since they seem intended for reading, there are no nearsighted versions.

Our writer then turned on the LED lights and was a little underwhelmed. The advertisement led him to believe a pair of lightsabers would emerge from the rims.

Instead it was like a pair of gentle fireflies hovering around his homestead.

Perhaps the pictures in the ad were simply to help illustrate how they worked. That would still be forgivable if these things actually allowed him to read in the dark, so Masanuki grabbed a book…

…and donned his glasses.

The last thing to do was turn out the lights.

Masanuki tilted his head down at the novel and was amazed to see it lit up like Shibuya on a Saturday night. These glasses really did allow him to read in the dark comfortably!

Well, almost comfortably because he didn’t need prescription glasses. Perhaps he could just pop out the lenses for his own personal use. He could even keep them handy in the event a disaster knocks out his power.

Masanuki wasn’t alone in his satisfaction either. These glasses got an average 4.2 out of 5 rating on AliExpress and several comments calling them “excellent” and “amazing.” Considering they’re dirt-cheap to boot, they’re easily worth checking out for those interested.

Source: AliExpress
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