Warner Brothers Studio Tokyo Making of Harry Potter lets you visit everything from the Great Hall of Hogwarts to the closet Harry lived in at the Dursley’s.

June 16 was the grand opening of the brand-new Warner Brothers Studio Tokyo Making of Harry Potter. Located in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward on part of the former grounds of the now-closed Toshimaen amusement park, the facility is a museum featuring walk-through recreations of famous sets from the film franchise, prop displays, and multiple photo spots.

Standing in front of the doors to the Great Hall of Hogwarts creates an atmosphere similar to what young wizards must have felt on their first day at the school. Once the doors open, guests make their way inside, where the instantly recognizable stone-floor, high-ceiling room serves as home for mannequin versions of Dumbledore, Professor Snape, and other members of the Hogwarts faculty, as well as different versions of the students’ uniforms.

The great hall isn’t the only part of Hogwarts that’s receiving visitors, as you can also stop by the Gryffindor Dormitory.

In addition to the fireplace-adjacent common area where Harry, Ron, and Hermione would chat, scheme, and occasionally receive words of warning from heads of relatives made out of embers, you can also stroll around the boys’ sleeping area. The set designers put a lot of thought into making the space really feel lived-in, with Ron’s bed looking characteristically unkept and surrounded with merch from the Chudley Cannons, his favorite quidditch team.

Over at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, you can see both the outside and inside of the trains that take students and teacher to and from Hogwarts.

▼ Even Professor Lupin is here, with a bar of chocolate dropped on the seat next to him.

▼ Though the mannequins have the power to do so, we don’t recommend trying to run through the walls yourself.

The Ministry of Magic has an atmosphere both intimidating and impressive, with its dark tilework.

This is also where you can find one of the coolest photo spots in the Warner Brothers Studio Tokyo Making of Harry Potter, where your snapshot is enhanced with a Floo Powder-effect.

Heading to more Muggle-oriented environments, you can barge into the Dursleys’ house.

Actually walking around a physical space, as opposed to seeing it on a flat movie screen, really drives home just how cramped the under-the-stairs storage closet that Harry slept in was.

The house isn’t completely devoid of magical elements, though.

In the living room you can see the aftermath of Harry’s disagreement with his Aunt Marjorie.

Parked outside of the Dursley home are some other modes of transportation from the series

…and other open-air attractions include the Hogwarts Bridge and stone chessboard.

Tickets for the Warner Brothers Studio Tokyo Making of Harry Potter start at 3,800 yen (US$28) for children ages 4-11, with admission for those 12-17 5,200 yen and adults 6,300 yen. You’ll probably want to make a little extra room in your budget for things like a butterbeer (served in a souvenir glass you can take home)…

…or a personalized wand or robe.

One last thing to keep in mind if you’re planning to visit is that tickets must be reserved in advance, and can be purchased online through the official Warner Brothers Studio Tokyo Making of Harry Potter website here.

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