Clever character motifs for Yuna, Sephiroth, and more that fans will spot, style anyone can appreciate.

Japanese bag and accessory brand Samantha Thavasa is known for its sense of stylish fun, as we’ve seen in its lines inspired by Sailor Moon and Pokémon. Now the Tokyo-based fashion company is teaming up with another iconic Japanese franchise: Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy is a series that regularly reinvents itself, but for this collaboration Samantha Thavasa is saluting two of its most fondly remembered installments, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII. Starting with the X lineup, The designers have created four shoulder bags, each inspired by a member of the game’s group of traveling heroes.

Yuna’s bag, for instance, brings to mind the obi-like sash of her kimono-inspired costume, including its floral crest.

The Tidus bag, likewise, calls to mind his zippered leather overalls…

Auron’s bag his crimson coat…

…and Rikku’s her earth-toned upper-body attire.

The back of each bag has the character’s name rendered in the script of Final Fantasy X’s Al Bhed culture.

The unisex shoulder bags have a compact design of 19 centimeters (7.5 inches) in length, but they should be big enough to carry your key going-out essentials. If you don’t day-pack light, though, or plan to be coming home with newly acquired treasures, there’s also a pair of larger handbags (25 centimeters long and 20 centimeters high), embossed with Al Bhed script and featuring Final Fantasy X plates

…and a matching motif for folding wallets.

Already all sorted for things to hold your other things in? Then you can tie your ensemble together with charm straps modeled on the weaponry of the four heroes.

Meanwhile, over on the Final Fantasy VII side of the collaboration, it’s Cloud and Sephiroth who’re acting as the muses, but in more subtle manners.

The Cloud zippered wallet and smaller “fragment case,” for example take their styling cues from the colors, suspenders, and belt design of Cloud’s Soldier uniform, with yellow stitching as a visual connection to the moody swordsman’s blond hair.

For Sephiroth, the crisscrossing lines are an homage to his outfit’s diagonal chest straps, and the stitching to the genocidal swordsman’s silver hair…

…and rounding out the bag lineup is a shoulder-strap smartphone holder with illustrations of the various weapons Cloud has wielded…

The Final Fantasy X charms are priced at 4,180 yen (US$29), and the X shoulder bags, VII fragment cases, and VII smartphone holder are all 18,700. The X handbags are just a little more at 19,800 yen, and the line tops out with the VII wallets, at 25,300 yen.

Much like Final Fantasy has numerous sequels and spinoffs, so too does Samantha Thavasa have a number of sub-brands. The Final Fantasy X items are part of its Samantha Vega label and the Final Fantasy VII ones Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice, but they’re all available for pre-order now through the Samantha Thavasa online shop (X here, VII here) with shipping scheduled for August.

Source: PR Times
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