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But there’s still a way to get your hands on two of Studio Ghibli’s most popular characters. 

With tales about magical forest creatures, bathhouse spirits, and witches on broomsticks, there’s a Studio Ghibli film for everyone. For many, it’s the story of a moving castle and and its enchanting inhabitants that strikes a chord, and if that sounds like you, then this new Ghibli collection will be right up your alley.

To the uninitiated, the character above might look like a furry orange blob, but fans of the 2004 movie Howl’s Moving Castle will know this is Calcifer, the fire spirit who both warms and powers the moving castle.

Calcifer looks adorable in miniature form as a keychain, allowing you to carry it on all your travels, and another character ready to keep you company is Hin, Madam Suliman’s wheezing errand dog from the film.

▼ The Calcifer keychain is priced at 1,540 yen (US$10.89) while the Hin keychain retails for 1,650 yen.

Those wanting more Calcifer to hold on to will be pleased to know there’s a larger version available, and it’s charmingly called Nakayoshi Otedama (2,640 yen).

Nakayoshi” is a word that describes people getting along well together, often translated as “friendly” or chummy”, while otedama is a traditional Japanese game that can be played in a similar way to jacks or even juggling, using palm-sized fabric bean bags also referred to as “otedama”.

The Calcifer Bean Bag is considerably larger than the ones used to play otedama, but its satisfyingly plump shape makes it the perfect size for your hands, allowing you to live the dream of cradling a fire.

▼ Hin is also available as a soft “bean bag”, priced at 3,520 yen.

▼ For bigger hugs, there’s the larger Calcifer Plush Toy (5,500 yen).

Like the bean bag, this soft toy shows Calcifer with upturned eyes and an open mouth, giving you the impression that it’s actually speaking to you.

These new goods will instantly transform your living space into the interior of Howl’s Moving Castle, making you feel as if your home is moving through different worlds outside.

The new collection is on sale now at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online, but as of this writing the Calcifer Bean Bag and all the Hin items have already sold out online. As we’ve learned in the past, though, Donguri Kyowakoku is good at restocking its popular items, plus you might still be able to find sought-after items in actual stores, so there’s still hope for Hin and Calcifer fans. On the bright side, the Howl’s Moving Castle humidifiers are still available.

Source: Donguri Kyowakoku
Top image: Donguri Kyowakoku
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