Pikachu and two (actually one) other Pokémon species are ready to keep you warm or to just give you warm fuzzy feelings.

Autumn weather is notoriously hard to predict. On a sunny day without much wind, it could be warm enough to wear short sleeves. Through in some thick cloud cover and a bitingly cold north wind, though, and if can feel like we’ve suddenly jumped ahead to mid-winter.

So what you want is something that can keep you warm on the cold days, but serve some other sort of function, like maybe being an interior decoration that brings a smile to your face, when you’re not in need of extra warmth. And if that thing should just so happen to look like Pikachu? Even better.

That’s the best-of-both-worlds solution presented by the Fluffy Pikachu Blanket (or “Fuwafuwa” blanket, if you’re asking for it in Japanese). A new offering from Japan’s Pokémon Center mega store chain, it’s as versatile as it is adorable. The clever hooded design means that when you’re not feeling chilly, the blanket can be rolled up into itself, transforming into a cute cushion/plushie sitting in standby mode on your sofa or, more likely, receiving some great big hugs.

Unfurled, the hood means you can wear the blanket like a poncho or wrap…

…and if you do use it as a blanket, it’ll look like Pikachu is taking a nap across your tummy.

In addition to the Pokémon franchise mascot, there’s also a Fluffy Blanket for Pawmi

…and a Substitute blanket too.

Substitute is one of the most unique parts of the Pokémon merch lineup. Technically, it’s not a Pokémon species. Instead, Substitute is an action certain Pokémon can perform in battle that produces a lizard-like decoy that takes damage for them when they’re attacked (Substitute is called Migawari, which means “replacement/exchanged body,” in Japanese-language versions of Pokémon). But little Substitute is is just so gosh darn cute that it periodically becomes the subject of plushies, trinkets, and other merch itself, like here, where it rounds out the Fluff Blanket trio.

▼ The blanket even lovingly recreates Substitute’s dorsal spikes.

Each blanket is priced at 5,500 yen (US$38) and can be ordered here through the Pokémon Center online store. As an added plus, the fact that you can wear them like ponchos means that they should be easy to use in tandem with Japan’s Gaming Kotatsu Futon blanket once things get really cold.

Source: Pokémon Center Online
Top image: Pokémon Center Online
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