Because wherever Clodsire goes, Paldean Woopers are along for the ride.

Ordinarily, “yawning” is one of the last things a company wants its products associated with. One of the newest offerings from Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy, though, is no ordinary piece of Pokémon merch.

Called the Let’s Yawn Together Soothing Clodsire (or Isshoni Akubi Iyasareru Doto, if you’re asking for it in Japanese), this plushie shows the fish-with-feet Pocket Monster in mid-yawn, and it’s both massively cute and simply massive.

This Clodsire measures 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) from nose to tail tip, so it’s definitely a two-armed-hug class plushie.

As for why Clodsire is yawning, Yawn is one of the techniques it can learn in Pokémon. Within the games’ battles, Yawn causes opposing Pocket Monsters to fall asleep, and with the often-observed phenomenon of yawning being a psychologically contagious action for us humans, Clodsire just might have you yawning in the real world too.

Aside from its Yawn attack, Clodsires are known for their kindhearted attitude towards Woopers, specifically Paldean Woopers, the Pokémon species they evolve from. Clodsires live in lakes and marshes, and in spots where the waterways are too deep for Woopers to swim across, Clodsires let the little guys ride on their heads/backs until they’re safely on the other side.

So instead of offering the Let’s Yawn Together Soothing Clodsire all by its lonesome, Takara Tomy is bundling it with some Paldean Wooper plushies. How many? Your choice of either two Woopers

12 Woopers

…or, for the truly devoted, 32 Woopers!

▼ Here are the dimensions of the Clodsire, in case you want to start measuring to see how you’re going to need to rearrange your living room furniture before your 33 Pokémon plushies arrive.

The smallest set, with Clodsire and two Woopers, is priced at 19,800 yen (US$132), and the larger bundles at 27,500 and 42,900 yen. Preorders are open now through the Takara Tomy online store (smallest set here, middle here, and the big one here) and will be available until November 24, with shipping scheduled for late April.

Source: Takara Tomy
Top image: Takara Tomy
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