We’re dreaming of a green Christmas.

Our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma was reading about how Western people like to wear knitted sweaters with tacky patterns and abrasive color schemes for the holidays and thought he’d get in on the action too. And when he’s not scouring the lowest depths of Amazon, Masanuki likes to buy his outfits from AliExpress.

▼ It’s also where he got his Dwayne Johnson toothpaste tube nozzle

Sure enough, it didn’t take him long to find the perfect “ugly” sweater, and for only 3,083 yen (US$22) it was a steal.

When Masanuki’s order arrived, he pulled out what appeared to be a sweater and stuffed animal. However, he knew that the plush toy was actually a part of this “3-D fashion sweater for men and women” as it was advertised.

The basic sweater is your standard fare with typical Christmas iconography like snowflakes, trees, and tyrannosaurids. It was a very nice sweater that Masanuki could use for festive job interviews and last dates.

But when it’s time to kick the celebrations into high gear, we have the stuffed dinosaur, which as we can see is divided into two pieces.

Masanuki took the included safety pins and used them to fasten each half of the Cretaceous beast to the front and back of the sweater.

In doing so, the dinosaur appears to be bursting out of our reporter’s torso as if to say, “Merry Christmas!”

And with the tail end sticking out the back of the sweater it will comically look as if the critter was in such a rush to spread holiday cheer that it tore right through Masanuki’s spine and several vital organs to do so.

Now, there was nothing left to do but go out and wish everyone a safe and happy Yuletide.

▼ “Stop”

Hitting the streets in his 3-D sweater, Masanuki was sure to turn heads. The only problem was that no human heads could be seen within a good mile radius.

He would have driven somewhere more populated, but it was really hard to climb into a driver’s seat with a doll safety-pinned to his front and back.

There was also a good risk of him whacking people with his protruding dino tail or snout in crowded places, so perhaps it was better this way.

Still, he thought the dinosaur looked cute, and wearing it made him happy. In the end, that’s all you can really ask for in clothing.

If you would like to inject a little holiday joy into your life or that of someone else, maybe you should consider a 3-D dinosaur Christmas sweater too.

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