Sometimes it pays to copy your fellow diners.

Pretty much everyone in Japan has visited Saizeriya at least once in their lives, but for regulars like our reporter P.K. Sanjun, it can be easy to get stuck in robot mode, ordering the same go-to favourites on every visit.

So when P.K. sat down to eat at Saizeriya the other day with his daughter, he couldn’t help but notice the three men at a nearby table, who appeared to be local foreign residents, were eating something he’d never seen before.

▼ It kind of looked like something you’d buy at a kebab shop, but far tastier. 

Browsing the menu, he couldn’t see anything that resembled what they were eating, but after closer inspection, he realised they’d ordered three separate dishes and combined them into one meal.

It looked so tasty that P.K. decided to copy what they’d ordered:

▼ Two Arrosticini…

▼ …a Mini Ficelle…

▼ …and a Green Salad.

Rubbing his hands with glee at the chance to try something new, P.K. felt a rush of excitement as he began to prepare his meal.

▼ Mimicking the nearby diners, he used a knife to cut into the bread…

▼ …and then he filled the bread with salad.

The final step was to add the Arrosticini, and as he did, his mouth began to water at the sight of his meaty creation.

He finished with a flourish, adding some spices that were on the table to complete the dish, before sitting back to admire his handiwork.

He’d basically created an arrosticini sandwich, but it was something he never would’ve thought to create, had it not been for the foreign diners.

When he bit into it, his taste buds danced with joy at the new and unexpected flavours, with the spice playing an important role in the overall deliciousness of the meal.

It was absolutely fantastic, and P.K. thought it would be even more delicious with coriander. By that stage, though, he’d just about finished his meal, so next time he visits Saizeriya he’ll definitely be looking out for meals with the herb hidden on the menu.

P.K. has eaten a lot of arrosticini during his visits to Saizeriya, but now that he’s learnt this hack to customise it into a sandwich, he’s keen to explore even more ideas for creative meal combinations. If he’d known about this idea when he had his end-of-year work gathering at Saizeriya, he would’ve been the hit of the party.

So if you have any hacks of your own to share, please let him know about them in the comments section below!

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