Luna Sea, one of the defining sounds of Japanese rock, will take to the stage of Japan’s preeminent music venue as part of its 35th anniversary tour.

Luna Sea is a legendary Japanese rock band that got its start during the visual kei (“visual-style”) movement, Japan’s version of glam rock, before shifting to more of an alternative rock style. Originally active from 1989 through 2000 with its five-member lineup, the group disbanded in 2000 only to reform in 2010–and it’s been making music and touring ever since.

▼ Even my dog is a fan of Luna Sea (with 2000’s Period -The Best Selection- album).

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Both longtime and newer fans of Luna Sea alike will be thrilled to learn of an upcoming special concert to be held on February 23, 2025 as the grand finale of the Luna Sea 35th Anniversary Tour Era to Era -The Final Episode-. Subtitled Lunatic Tokyo 2025 -Kurofuku Gentei (“Black Clothes Only”) Gig-, it was announced at an event exclusively for members of the band’s official fan club on May 29, the date that the band debuted on stage in Tokyo 35 years ago.

What makes this performance truly special is that it will take place at Tokyo Dome, marking the band’s first return there in approximately 14 years as well as its 10th time performing there overall. Tokyo Dome is Japan’s most coveted arena for musical artists, and to perform there means that a musical act has reached the pinnacle of success. For reference, when global pop sensation Taylor Swift visited Japan on The Eras Tour in February of this year, all four of her concerts were held at Tokyo Dome.

▼ Teaser for Lunatic Tokyo 2025 -Kurofuku Gentei Gig-

While Luna Sea is no stranger to Tokyo Dome, the fact that this will be its 10th time performing on such hallowed ground seems to have not escaped notice, since the naming of Lunatic Tokyo 2025 -Kurofuku Gentei Gig- pays homage to the band’s history at the venue. The name is actually an amalgamation of Lunatic Tokyo, Luna Sea’s first performance at Tokyo Dome on December 23, 1995, and Lunacy Kurofuku Gentei Gig ~The Holy Night~, the band’s previous last performance there on December 25, 2010. Lead vocalist Ryuichi Kawamura further shared, “February 23, 2025. I believe that this will be our night of resolution. Let’s meet at the Dome!”

▼ The members of Luna Sea (left to right): Shinya, Sugizo, Ryuichi, Inoran, J

Fans still have plenty of time to catch up on everything from the band’s oldest releases to its newest ones before the big night, but you might as well get started now. And if you do make it to the Dome on February 23 of next year, you’ll probably run into our Japanese-language reporter Ikuna rocking out with her 71-year-old mother at the venue. Feel free to join in all of the excitement.

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