Test your bravery: Japanese taxi company to offer “taxi tours” of ghost spots this summer

Japan, as we’ve noted before, is allegedly full of ghosts. Now you may or may not believe in such things, but plenty of people in Japan are sure they exist, from the ghosts of murder victims to the spirits of seafood. In fact, there are numerous shinrei (ghost/spirit) spots, where unearthly apparitions are believed to appear regularly throughout the country.

Many of these spots have been identified and information about their locations can be found online. One might assume that this is to help people avoid accidentally going to a place filled with spooks — but that’s not entirely the case! In fact, some want to go to the shinrei spots — and a new taxi tour in Yokohama will gladly to take you on the night ride of your life!

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Perfume announce re-release of LEVEL3 in time for world tour in November

Perfume have announced an autumn release date for a new bonus edition of their album LEVEL3. The worldwide release in October will come just before the Japanese girl group make their US concert debut in early November. LEVEL3 was released in Japan last year, and the worldwide re-release will be via label Astralwerks.

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Justin Bieber (maybe) spotted in Shibuya by adoring fans, ignored by everyone else

Photos began appearing on the Twittersphere late last night purportedly showing Canadian teen heart-throb Justin Bieber out and about on the streets of Shibuya. Judging by the pictures, the star was largely ignored by Shibuya shoppers as he walked the streets surrounded by friends and plain-clothes guards, though in all honesty with his hood up and a pair of enormous shades covering most of his face, we’re not entirely surprised.

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Top 20 factory tours in Japan (trust us, they’re cool)

There’s nothing worse that getting stuck on a guided tour going through room upon room of humdrum displays while a sleepy-eyed guide rambles on about nothing important. To save us all from making the mistake of going on a boring tour, Trip Advisor Japan compiled a list of the best factory tours in the country. Results are ranked according to the most talked about museums and factories on their website. As you might expect, over half of the best tours involve alcohol.

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