Mark your calendars because this may go fast again.

Last February, convenience store chain Lawson announced the triumphant return of its Morisugi Challenge or “Too Much Challenge” in which it increased the volume of several popular items by 47 percent without changing the price. This was the second such campaign, with the first having been held in February 2023, suggesting this might become an annual affair.

However, as news of the Morisugi Challenge spread, cash-strapped and hungry consumers flocked to Lawson stores across the country and consumed most, if not all, of the Morisugi items. This left many who were not quick enough on the draw – myself included – with nothing but a sign apologizing for being sold out.

It turned out the real challenge of the Morisugi Challenge was getting your hands on some of these highly sought-after goods. Luckily, since June marks the 49th anniversary of Lawson’s founding in Japan, they decided it was a good time to bring back the super-sized event way ahead of schedule.

Although the range of products isn’t as diverse as the formal Morisugi Challenges, many of the greatest hits are making appearances throughout the month, including everyone’s favorite Morisugi! Premium Roll Cake with a ridiculous amount of cream for no extra charge.

These will be sold for 227 yen (US$1.45) each and 3.5 million will be shipped nationwide, but Lawson is still warning everyone that they will only be sold while supplies last. They’re even giving us all a heads up by saying they will start to go on sale specifically in the evening of 17 June, so there’s no excuse to be tardy.

You can get some practice in by trying to snag a Morisugi! Baschee Basque-style Cheesecake a week earlier on 10 and 11 June. These creamy cakes are 47 percent larger but just 286 yen a pop.

Those looking for something more savory needn’t worry either as starting 11 June Morisugi! Curry Bread with Beef will be sold for the usual price of 149 yen but with a 47-percent boost in weight.

On that same day, Lawson will also sell Morisugi! Ham Sandwiches for an unchanged price of 343 yen but with 47 percent more ham.

There’s also the Morisugi! Japanese-style Sea Chicken Mayonnaise Rice Balls, made 47 percent heavier at the normal price of 149 yen. Sea Chicken is a brand of canned tuna, which in this case, is enhanced with the taste of dashi, soy sauce, and mayonnaise.

Perhaps the most stunning item is the Shinjuku Nakamuraya Katsu Curry which boasts an increase of 47 percent, but since that comes in the form of an additional pork cutlet, it really looks like a lot more is added for the usual price of 646 yen.

There’s also a second lineup of meaty baked goods released from 18 June, starting with the Morisugi! Chorizo Sausage Bread which has more of everything and even a whole other sausage for the same price of 138 yen.

On the sandwich front, we got the Morisugi! Egg Sandwich which brings a whole other egg sandwich wedge for just 300 yen.

And this time the 47-percent increased onigiri for 160 yen is the Morisugi! Chashu Pork Mayonnaise Rice Ball, which is very similar to the previous rice ball but substitutes the tuna with pieces of that pork enjoyed in bowls of ramen.

In the highly likely event that all these items will fly off the shelves before you get the chance to buy anything, Lawson is also offering some items that will probably be available throughout the campaign.

Fans of Lawson’s signature Karaage-kun fried chicken, namely the Cheese Red flavor, will be pleased to find an additional piece of chicken in every pack for no extra charge from 11 to 24 June.

During that time, Lawson’s extra-large freshly brewed coffee Machi Cafe Mega Ice Coffee will be sold for the same price as a medium coffee, which amounts to a 100-yen discount.

And if you somehow even miss out on those things, you can always hop on Twitter, follow the official Lawson account (@akiko_lawson), and retweet their special event tweet between 11 and 17 June for a chance to win a 10,000 yen gift card. At least that can help you buy some baked goods at their normal volumes.

Now that you’ve all been warned, there’s still time to limber up, practice a martial art, and map out the nearest Lawson stores around you in order to get one of those piles of cream with a little bit of cake in them. Godspeed!

Source: Lawson, Twitter/@akiko_lawson, Hachima Kiko
Images: Lawson
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