Nearly two dozen different items to keep you in anime style literally from head to toe.

With the new Urusei Yatsura TV series wrapped and a new Ranma 1/2 anime adaptation announced, some fans are already wondering if a remake of creator Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha is in our viewing future. There’s been no official word to that effect yet, but what is on the way is a brand-new line of Inuyasha T-shirts, jackets, and other fashion items.

The collection comes from Tokyo-based fashion company Graniph and is currently up for order through the chain’s online shop. There are nearly two dozen different items featuring the cast of the romantic comedy adventure, often with clever little design details. For example, the “Destiny” T-shirt has Inuyasha and Kagome pretending they don’t like each other on the front…

…and Inuyasha’s former lover Kikyo making her presence felt on the back.

The protagonist pair seems a little more honest about their feelings on the “I Miss You” tee.

It’s not all T-shirts, either. If you’re looking for a dressier look, there’s the “Sit” cardigan, with Kagome asserting her magical control over Inuyasha.

“Wait, are those Inuyasha pants that guy is wearing?” you might be asking, and yep, they are!

Not only does the color scheme give the impression of Inuyasha carrying Kagome on his back as they make their way up a mountain, there’s a Shikon no Tama/Shikon Jewel fragment hidden in the pocket.

And yes, that was an Inuyasha bucket hat you saw earlier too, and one that’s reversable…

…with the beige side featuring Inuyasha and Kagome looking for even more Shikon shards…

…and the other covered in manga art panels.

Those same motifs also show up on the reversable blouson/bomber jacket.

And that’s just the tip of the cool iceberg of Inuyasha fashion that Graniph has come up with, as we’ll see as we lightning-round through the rest of the collection, which includes a few salutes to charismatic antagonist Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru-pattern skirt, showing both his humanoid and beast forms

▼ Sweat parka with Shippo and Kirara

Wind Tunnel T-shirt featuring monk Miroku’s power

Shikon Jewel button-up shirt

Five more double-sided designs round out the T-shirt collection, including one showing Kagome and Inuyasha’s fateful first meeting…

…and another with tiny Myoga clinging to the back of your shoulder.

▼ Many of the items in the line are unisex, but this women’s tee has a more blousy cut.

The final upper-body garment is the Sesshomaru parka

…and he’s also got a cap on which he permits some of his underlings to hang around too.

The good guys have a cap of their own, one which matches the color of Inuyasha’s kimono…

…and that contrast between light and dark shows up in a pair of reversable drawstrig bags as well.

And closing things out are one more bucket hat with Miroku and Sango

…and, to keep you in Inuyasha style from head to toe, two different pairs of socks.

Price-wise, the socks are the most affordable at 1,200 yen (US$7.50) a pair, followed by the drawstring bags at 2,900 yen each. The T-shirts range from 3,900 to 4,500 yen, depending on design, and the button-up shirt is 6,900 yen, as are the cardigan, pants, and skirt. The baseball caps are 3,500 yen, the bucket hats 3,900, the parkas 7,900, and, at the top of the line, the reversable jacket is 13,000 yen.

As mentioned above, the entire lineup is currently available for preorder here through the Graniph online shop, with an official release date of July 23.

Source: Graniph
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