Spreading peach and love to the masses, but only for a limited time.

Summer has well and truly arrived in Japan, weighing us down with its incessant heat and humidity, leaving us tired, sweaty and in need of a good ol’ drink. Here to lighten the mood is Starbucks, with a brand new beverage that promises to deliver fruity refreshment to get us through the long summer days, and it’s called the “Love & Peach Frappuccino“.

▼ ‘Tis the summer of Love and Peach

Released on 10 July, this groovy beverage is a fun play on the phrase “love and peace”, and it contains peach juice and puree throughout, with a generous amount of peach pulp in the base.

Unlike a lot of Frappuccinos, this one contains no milk in the body of the drink, amping up the level of refreshment. Those wanting to add a dash of milkiness can opt for a pump of white mocha syrup for an additional 55 yen (US0.34), while those wanting even more fruit can add extra citrus pulp for 110 yen.

▼ We added citrus pulp to ours, which made the base even more juicy.

The first thing to love about this Frappuccino is the colour, because just looking at the bright pink hues is enough to re-energise the soul on an energy-sapping summer’s day. Sipping it adds an even greater boost to the system, because the fresh flavour isn’t overly sweet, allowing you to sense the zing of the fruit as if you’ve bitten into it.

Stirring the whipped cream into the body of the drink creates a more luxurious flavour with a richer mouthfeel, so you can enjoy pockets of fresh versus creamy flavours as you sip through the beverage. The pulp provides bursts of juicy texture throughout, making this a fantastic Frappuccino that ought to be on the menu all year long.

Sadly, though, it’s only around for a limited time until 6 August, so you’ll want to get in quick to get a taste of love and peach while it’s on the menu, priced at 700 yen.

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