Four new T-shirts drawn from the various series of the Dragon Ball universe will soon be on their way to fans’ closets.

Official character goods apparel brand Cospa has teamed up with two pop-up specialty shops, the Atre Akihabara x Cospa 25th anniversary shop (open August 1-31) and Manga Toshi Tokyo at the National Art Center, Tokyo (open August 12-November 3) to offer some new Dragon Ball-themed T-shirt selections.

First up is the “Working Goku” t-shirt which features an image of Goku, forced to work as a farmer by his wife to earn money, superimposed over the romaji text “Baka na koto yattenee de hatarake” in his trademark uncouth manner of speaking in Japanese. This line translates to something like “Stop goofing off and go do some work” and is taken from episode 77 of Dragon Ball Super when Goku encounters some wannabe vehicle thieves but deftly takes care of them. Its irony lies in the fact that audiences know Goku should really be the last one spouting this particular piece of advice–at least he acknowledges as much right after saying it.

▼ Available for pre-order from the shops above since August 21 for an early October release

The second new shirt, “Father and Son Kamehameha,” pays homage to the moving scene near the end of the Cell Games Saga in Dragon Ball Z when the newly sacrificed-himself Goku teams up with son Gohan from the Other World to deliver the finishing blow to villain Cell. The striking image of the two of them creating a joint Kamehameha should be immediately recognizable to longtime fans.

▼ Available for pre-order from the shops above since August 17 for an early October release

“Majin Buu’s ‘Eat you up!'” t-shirt is the third new offering that will be available for purchase in early October from Cospa. On this shirt, Dragon Ball Z‘s last major antagonist, Majin Buu, threatens passerby with the English line that he’ll eat you up (and yes, you should take that quite literally and steer clear).

The fourth and final new shirt, “Kame House and Son Goku,” will also be available in early October from Cospa. This shirt harks back to the “mystical adventure” days of Dragon Ball and features a young Goku gazing happily from the window of Master Roshi’s Kame House. Unlike the other shirts, this one comes in either a grey version or a white version with coloring.

All four of the shirts will retail for 2,900 yen (US$27.40) each and can be found on Cospa’s website. While you’re at it, why not also complete your Dragon Ball fashion collection with some shirts from Uniqlo or Premium Bandai?

Source: Livedoor News via My Game News Flash
Top image: Cospa
Insert images: Cospa (1, 2, 3)
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