“Live2D Euclid” technology creates 3-D models while retaining the essence of a 2-D drawing

What happens when you take the merits of both 2-D and 3-D animation and combine them to make a new hybrid form of animation technology? Unfathomable as it may seem, that’s precisely the type of technology that Japanese company Live2D is in the midst of developing. Their latest achievement, known as “Live2D Euclid,” is software that is able to transform your 2-D drawings into a 3-D reality while still retaining the look and details of a pen and paper illustration. In other words, it looks like “a hand-drawn picture that will move in the way you want it to.”

Still confused? Check out the introductory video after the jump to see this new technology that is revolutionizing the way we animate characters in anime and video games!

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2D World Infiltrates 3D World, Or Vice Versa, in These Clever Photos 【Photo Gallery】

It seems that Chinese artists are fans of tiptoeing through the two-dimensional world. It wasn’t long ago that we first introduced an art gallery in Tianjin that featured 3D versions of famous works of art. Gallery patrons were encouraged to interact with the works by sitting on, touching, and in some cases, sticking their heads in the middle of paintings.

The newest 2D-3D hybrid photos from China have been gaining popularity on Japanese internet sites, especially delighting fans of Dragon Ball and Naruto. It looks as if this artist managed to slip into the two-dimensional world, or maybe the 2D world came to him. Either way, the cleverly photoshopped images are very cool and extremely clever.

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Stationery With Stationery Design…Confused? So Are We

A few days ago, we wrote about fu-bi’s “Jump From Paper” series of designer handbags that look 2-dimensional. With thick outlines and bright colors, they look as if they have jumped right out of a manga or anime.  However, upon closer examination, these seemingly 2D bags are actually functional, trendy handbags of the 3-dimensional world.

This time, a set of stationery is here transcending the boundary between dimensions.

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“Jump From Paper” Anime-Inspired Designer Bags Look 2D

Many people are captivated by the men and women of the two-dimensional world.  Characters in anime have a certain appeal and charm that actual human beings can often not live up to.  Some even say, “I can only love in 2D.”  Those obsessed with the intangible man or woman of their dreams now have the opportunity to bring a little piece of their world to ours with these anime-inspired designer bags.

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