Unlimited eggs for a $1! But there’s a catch…

Recently popping up on Twitter, a supermarket ad declaring a unique event has received a lot of attention here in Japan. However, as the person who originally tweeted it comments, this advert may also be a “premonition of disaster.”

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Japanese Windows 8 Promotion Misleads Many to Think their Monitor will Magically Become Touch Screens

When I saw some early images of the new Windows 8 desktop, I wasn’t crazy about the change in appearance.  It looked fine for a tablet device or smartphone but those new windows/buttons seemed too clunky and primitive for my liking.

But then again, maybe I just don’t like change and after using it, it’d grow on me.  However, this new layout combined with some ambiguous promotion has led many in Japan to believe that it suddenly transforms your regular old computer monitor into a touch screen.

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