Japan’s highway service stations get anthropomorphized in web novel

Just when you think you’ve seen everything get anthropomorphized into moe characters, something else comes along to prove otherwise.

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Anthropomorphic sushi girls are our new favourite thing 【Pics】

Ever wondered what your favourite sushi would look like as a cute girl? Nope, me neither, but the results are still pretty impressive.

Manga artist Harikamo has produced these gorgeous, delicate illustrations of anthropomorphised sushi. We never knew salmon roe could be so adorable!

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Anthropomorphized characters amaze, frighten us, leave us wanting more

Anthropomorphized characters are both incredibly popular and prevalent in Japan, as you’re probably already very aware. From battleships to Japanese companies and municipalities, there’s seemingly nothing that can’t be made human–and probably cute as well! And, perhaps as a challenge to what we assume must be Rule 38 of the Internet–anything can be anthropomorphized and if it hasn’t been anthropomorphized yet, someone will do it–one Japanese Internet user took to 2Chan to request, simply enough, “Images of anthropomorphization, please.”

And the Internet gave him exactly what he wanted, with everything from Lipton Ice tea and Doraemon in sexy/creepy human form to an anthropomorphized version of Monday itself. Click below to see what was on display! (Note: Not all of these images are entirely safe for work.)

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