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Pokémon Eevee becomes part of Ariana Grande’s body thanks to her new Pocket Monster tattoo

Tattoo artist shows off famous client’s newest anime-inspired ink.

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Japanese requirement for tattoo artists to have medical licenses may be nail in industry’s coffin

Osaka district court ruling says tattooing isn’t art, it’s a medical procedure.

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Stylish stockings from Japan give your legs a pierced look without the actual piercing【Video】

Clever garments let you dip your toes into body art aesthetics while skipping the pain and poking.

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Tattooed Japanese woman suing nursing school after being suspended because of her ink

Attorney for single mother says she can’t afford to pay to have her tattoos removed.

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Hayao Miyazaki may be retired, but these Studio Ghibli tattoos will last forever 【Photos】

It’s kind of ironic that even though director Hayao Miyazaki regularly expresses his distaste towards obsessive fandom, fans obsess over his films like no one else’s. And it’s not just anime loyalists, either, who find watching his works to be a life-changing experience, since they’ve also won the hearts of millions who just love animation or strong filmmaking in general.

There even seems to be a sizeable overlap between people who admire Miyazaki’s movies and body art. So while the anime legend himself might not personally approve, today we’re taking a look at a collection of impressive Studio Ghibli-inspired tattoos.

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Hikaru Cho’s ‘optical illusion’ body art, round two

Back in June 2012, we ran a short piece about university student Hikaru Cho, whose bizarre yet captivating body art takes the meaning of “face paint” to a whole new level. Her works involve visual mind-bending trickery, including several recurring motifs like extremely realistic zippers and eyes seemingly integrated into the skin of her subject. This time we’re back to share a whole new slew of images of Hikaru’s masterpieces. Creepy? Awesome? Disturbing? Inspirational? You decide!

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