comfort women

Term “military comfort women” returns to Japanese government-approved junior high textbooks

”Military” designation has been absent from certified teaching materials for more than a decade.

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Osaka ends sister city relationship with San Francisco over comfort women memorial dispute

61-year governmental partnership brought to a close as Osaka mayor cites lack of necessary “deep trust.”

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Osaka mayor won’t back away from ending San Francisco sister city status over comfort women statue

Move would end 60-year-old program between Japanese and American cities.

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South Korea Hates Japan More Than North Korea & Loves America, Gallup Poll Reveals

Nothing brings a nation together like a common enemy and the Olympics give us an excuse to degrade every other country on the planet world without it seeming xenophobic.

It was in the midst of this festive atmosphere that Gallup Korea published their annual poll showing the country’s opinion of the rest of the world. The results? South Korea hates Japan even more than North Korea and loves America the most.

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