San Francisco

Osaka ends sister city relationship with San Francisco over comfort women memorial dispute

61-year governmental partnership brought to a close as Osaka mayor cites lack of necessary “deep trust.”

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Osaka mayor won’t back away from ending San Francisco sister city status over comfort women statue

Move would end 60-year-old program between Japanese and American cities.

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to perform at J-Pop Summit Festival’s opening concert in San Francisco

Opening concert to be held on July 22, event runs from July 22-24.

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Udon Entertainment holds Street Fighter V art exhibition in San Francisco

Exhibition on Friday-Saturday will feature artists Long Vo, Jeff Cruz, Edwin Huang.

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Japanese internet user’s amusing interpretation of a sculpture in San Francisco

We’ve all seen a strange work of public art at some point while traveling–you know, that piece that makes you scratch your head and look at it upside-down to try to figure out just what the heck is going on. Fortunately for the residents of San Francisco, they have their very own bizarre–and ginormous–piece of public art to contemplate whenever they feel like it.

Japanese internet users recently stumbled across photos of this particular sculpture created by Chinese artist Zhang Huan and were quick to comment on its unique appearance. One fan even decided that it resembled nothing other than the final boss of a video game. While we’re pretty sure that’s not the interpretation that the artist was going for, the fan’s cleverly manipulated photo still gave us a chuckle.

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New Godzilla towers over San Francisco in poster

The Yahoo! Movies website posted a new American poster for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla film remake. The poster features the King of the Monsters towering over the San Francisco skyline. (The Transamerica Pyramid to the right is 48 stories tall, although the poster is not necessarily to scale.)

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