Wakayama high school students make life-sized DeLorean time machine replica from scratch

Roads? Where this car is going, they don’t need roads…

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We visit the Megaweb History Garage of classic cars, get to sit in a real-life DeLorean DMC12

Back to the Future fan Seiji Nakazawa just about died and went to heaven.

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It’s 2015, and the DeLorean has already been spotted in Tokyo!

It’s the year 2015, and you all know what that means: self-tying shoes, flying cars, hoverboards… and a visit from Marty, Doc, and Jennifer! While they weren’t supposed to arrive until October, sightings of the DeLorean in Akihabara lead us to believe that Marty McFly and the gang have changed their travel plans to make their appearance a couple of months early!

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