Bar explodes in Tokyo’s Shinbashi neighborhood【Videos】

”I smell gas” and “I want a smoke” are two thoughts that don’t go well together.

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Massive explosion destroys restaurant in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture【Photos】

Blast occurs one day before shabu shabu restaurant’s grand reopening, claims worker’s life.

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Explosion in Sapporo injures dozens following gas tank fire at real estate agency【Video, photos】

Explosion occurred during dinner rush at second-floor restaurant.

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iPhone explodes at Vietnamese hair salon, thankfully only injures Apple fans’ pride【Video】

Security footage from the salon shows a bright blast and a startled cashier leaping away.

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Police respond to explosion, suspected bombing at Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo

Bomb disposal unit finds remnants of suspected incendiary device at shrine for Japanese war dead in Chiyoda Ward.

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Taxi driver drove for free during the aftermath of Tianjin explosions, carried evacuees to safety

On August 13, China was shaken by massive explosions which occurred at a port warehouse in Tianjin. The powerful blasts claimed over a hundred lives, left hundreds injured, and the impact affected residents within several kilometers of the port.

Many affected individuals have been trying to evacuate in the aftermath of the disastrous incident, but with parts of the public transportation network affected, things don’t always go as planned. However, some selfless taxi drivers were reportedly picking up passengers from the affected areas and taking them to safety without charging a single cent, drawing a silver lining amidst the dark clouds of smoke rising from the ruins of the explosion.

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The moment a chemical plant in China exploded in a mountain of flames 【Video】

Fire crews are currently battling a blaze at a petrochemical plant in Rizhao City in China’s Shandong Province following a massive explosion which occurred at just after 7:30am local time today.

Onlookers caught the moment the plant exploded on camera, only to then run for their lives as subsequent explosions caused the ground beneath their feet to shake.

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Dashboard camera captures the fear and chaos of Kaohsiung’s deadly gas explosion

In Southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City in the late night of 31 July and early morning of 1 August a series of explosions broke out over a wide area. A pipeline carrying gaseous petrochemical feedstock was leaking and eventually ignited causing the devastating large-scale blasts.

Fiery explosions were witnessed over a range of two to three kilometers. Recent reports count 24 people killed and a further 250 injured. Sitting far from the scene of the disaster, it can be hard to imagine how violent and frightening it was for those involved. However, a dashboard camera’s footage taken in the midst of the explosions brings the incident to all of us in surreal detail.

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Japanese book blows up and the internet goes crazy…kinda【Video】

YouTuber David Douchecovny, or just “The Douche,” is a fan of putting explosives on things and then shooting them. He films these explosions and posts them on YouTube. But a recent video might have gotten him into a bit of hot water as it features a product from Japan.

The Douche says he won this book in a giveaway from another YouTuber, with an attached note that read, “have fun blowing this up.” Join us after the jump to see whose book it is and whether or not it survives the explosion.

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Exploding toilet in China leads to explosion of puns on the net

On the evening of 4 August, the Liu family returned home at around 9:00pm to the smell of something burning. Thinking the house might be on fire they began to inspect from room to room but found nothing aside from some water dripping from the ceiling.

“I wonder if someone put it out” someone said as they made their way to the second floor still seeing no sign of a fire aside from the stench. Then upon opening the door to the bathroom, they saw the devastation.

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Man triggers explosion in car trying to keep it cool, two injured

On 14 August at approximately 11:55am, an explosion occurred inside a passenger vehicle in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture. The main ingredient to this minor disaster was some cooling spray like the kind used by athletes.

We might expect this to be the work of some punk teenagers – with their newfangled Hanna Montanas and Donkey Kong video games – fooling around with matches and aerosols. However, the victims/perpetrators where actually a middle-aged man and woman… fooling around with aerosols and lighters.

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Chinese man holds in vomit, esophagus explodes

Summer vacation is in full swing now, meaning everyone’s at the beach drinking lots of cold beer, in the park drinking lots of cold beer, or in the mountains drinking lots of cold beer. Basically, breweries are getting rich and we’re happy to help.

But, as one Chinese man recently found out, you need to be careful! Too much beer can have…explosive results. Read More

Bus window in China suddenly explodes, operator claims it to be a first

It was recently reported in the Chinese media that the window of a bus traversing the streets of Wuhan Province suddenly exploded while the vehicle was in motion. One of the left-hand side windows is thought to have shattered without warning, terrifying the passengers on board at the time.

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Explosion in China Claims the Life of Down Jacket, Washing Machine Left in Critical Condition

As this autumn is just flying by, we’ll all have to break out our winter gear soon, if not already.  For one woman in China it was time to buy a new winter coat to cope with the lowering temperatures.

Little did she know, that new fluffy down jacket was a ticking time bomb that went off right inside of her home washing machine.

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