cooling spray

We try cooling our face masks five different ways, and don’t recommend doing any of them

It’s getting hot, and wearing masks in summer isn’t fun…but maybe find some other way to stay cool. 

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Mr. Sato uses cooling spray on his crotch, learns a valuable lesson

As usual, when Mr. Sato thinks he has a good idea, we strongly recommend you don’t try it at home.

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Man triggers explosion in car trying to keep it cool, two injured

On 14 August at approximately 11:55am, an explosion occurred inside a passenger vehicle in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture. The main ingredient to this minor disaster was some cooling spray like the kind used by athletes.

We might expect this to be the work of some punk teenagers – with their newfangled Hanna Montanas and Donkey Kong video games – fooling around with matches and aerosols. However, the victims/perpetrators where actually a middle-aged man and woman… fooling around with aerosols and lighters.

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