We travel to Fuji to see how they make Japanese toilet paper

From recycled paper to plush multi-ply, and guess what? There’s a smartphone game for you to try too!

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Nintendo to convert former Kyoto factory into museum of the company’s history

A historic venue for a historical facility.

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We go behind the scenes at Japan Airlines’ in-flight meal factory【Photos】

Airline meals once had a pretty bad rap, but in-flight food has improved quite a bit since Seinfeld was wondering what its deal was. And really, isn’t it kind of amazing that you can get a hot meal at all when you are barreling through the sky at 600 miles per hour in a small metal tube?

For everyone that has ever wondered how that perfectly portioned food turns up on your tray, we’ve gone behind that scenes at the in-flight meal production center for Japan Airlines (JAL) to get the scoop.

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