Fancy trying a different kind of burger?

While McDonald’s often steals the show when it comes to original burgers and tasty desserts, we can’t discount Japanese fast-food burger joint Lotteria. Their burger inventions can be just as unique! Take, for example, their vegetarian-friendly pizza burger, which is an unfathomable concoction that we didn’t know we needed.

Lotteria is also famous for going HAM on “Good Meat Day” on November 29 (named so because November is the 11th month, and 11 looks like “ii“, which means “good”, while “29” can be read as “niku“, which means “meat”). In the past, to celebrate this illustrious holiday, they’ve given us an Angus beef steak burger and the luxury Matsuzaka beef burger, but this year, they’ve gone for something a little different: a venison burger.

They have offered venison burgers in the past, but one was limited to Hokkaido, and another was released only for a limited time earlier this year. It turns out that both were so popular that Lotteria decided to release another to celebrate Good Meat Day! Venison is known to be lower in fat and calories than beef and pork, and has its own unique flavor, so a venison burger is something worth trying if you haven’t already.

The patty of Lotteria’s Wild Game Venison Burger is 60 percent deer meat, mixed with panko and a special spice combination that includes nutmeg, which is specially crafted to bring out the fine flavors of the meat. The burger will also be topped with a special ragu sauce made with ground venison and seasoned with garam masala and other specially selected spices, so it’s sure to be a delectable, meaty mouthful.

The new Wild Game Venison Burger is going to be sold at 123 shops nationwide starting on November 29 for 720 yen plus tax (US$6.64). The promotion seems to have an undecided end date, so if we’re lucky, this burger could be sticking around for some time. It’s also be available since November 22 at select locations, so check out Lotteria’s website if you’ve just gotta get your mouth around one of these bad boys right away.

Source: Lotteria via Netlab
Images: Lotteria

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