Say sayonara to “sayonara” – 70% of Japanese people don’t use this word for goodbye anymore

But if the word for “goodbye” is dying, how do we say goodbye to it?

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Hand-stitched cards are leading the trend in Korea this Christmas

What comes to your mind at the mention of a handmade card? Something drawn, painted, or put together with some form of paper craft? The latest trend for handmade cards in Korea incorporates an entirely different kind of handicraft to create personalised designs – sewing! Check out these stitch message cards!

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The importance of “aisatsu”: Why people shout “Good morning!” in Japanese offices

For the 15 minutes or so just before work officially begins each morning, most Japanese offices are filled with shouts–or mumbles, for those who haven’t had their coffee yet–of “Ohayou gozaimasu!” While it’s hardly unusual for workers to greet each other with a “Good morning” anywhere in the world, the importance that aisatsu, or greetings, have in Japanese society can often seem bewildering. After countless sleepless nights wondering just why it was so important to be sure to say hello to everyone in the office, we decided to do some research!

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