Japanese netizens vote for the top 20 anime they want an on-air sequel to

Fans want to stop being ghosted by anime producers.

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Second part of sports anime Haikyuu’s fourth season finally airing in October, as the manga ends

The manga may be ending, but the games continue!

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Volleyball anime Haikyu!! getting ready to serve fans with live stage show this year

After a surge of live-action films based on big-name animated franchises last year, 2015 has been fairly quiet on that front, with the upcoming Attack on Titan being one of the few projects that really seems to have fans of the original version excited.

On the other hand, there’s been a boom in stage adaptations of popular anime. We already knew that we’d be getting live stage shows based on Naruto, Fushigi Yugi, and One Piece. Now, lovers of theatre and anime alike have one more performance to look forward to, the stage version of volleyball hit Haikyu!!

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Ever get lonely and talk to your anime posters? Now they can talk back! 【Video】

Like a lot of sports anime, Haikyuu!! features a hot-blooded, unrefined but friendly protagonist. Likewise, the volleyball series, which premiered in April, doesn’t get any points for originality by pairing its lead up with a cocky, aloof partner.

A few years ago, the show’s commitment to character design that pleases female fans would have been unique, but shows about athletics with eye candy for the ladies have been done before with The Prince of Tennis, Kuroko’s Basketball, and not-immediately-evocative-of-its-featured-sport Free!, which focuses on high school swimming.

Haikyuu!! does have something that currently no other anime does, however, and that’s talking posters.

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