Japanese netizens vote for the top 20 anime they want an on-air sequel to

Fans want to stop being ghosted by anime producers.

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Essential Inuyasha episodes to rewatch before the Yashahime anime sequel airs this fall

Today we’re counting down some pivotal episodes before the release of Yashahime this October. 

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Cardcaptor Sakura’s new manga isn’t a one-shot side story, but a sequel series set to start soon!

Sakura returns to monthly serialization as a junior high student.

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Attack on Titan’s studio head talks sequels, keys to the hit anime’s success

It’s been a long time since anime has had a hit like Attack on Titan. Over the last several years, Japanese animation has become increasingly self-referential, providing previously unparalleled enjoyment for, and arguably pandering to, its most devoted followers. This came at the cost of accessibility, though, and often shut out new fans in much the same way that the city walls in Attack on Titan were keep rampaging giants outside the city.

Joji Wada (who also goes by George Wada), is the head of Wit Studio, the production house behind the animated hit. In a recent interview with the The Nikkei, Wada talked about the keys to Attack on Titan’s success, as well as dropped some tantalizing hints regarding spin-offs and sequels.

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Anticipated anime, Little Witch Academia 2, blows by its $150,000 goal after one day on Kickstarter

Remember back in April when we brought you news of the explosively popular anime, Little Witch Academia? The short movie received such an overwhelming abundance of positive feedback from the online community that its creators Studio TRIGGER have decided to create a sequel to their highly acclaimed magical girl anime. And, in order to procure the funds for some extended running time, the team has turned to the American crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

The project began accepting pledges on Monday, July 8, and amazingly surpassed their desired US$150,000 mark after just one day!

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