Overly honest taiyaki restaurant flooded with customers after admitting to reducing sweet beans

Honesty is the best store policy.

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Social experiment shows the morality of a small sample of Japanese citizens【Video】

If someone came up to you and said you dropped a $100 bill, what would you do?
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YouTuber conducts social experiment to test Japanese people’s legendary honesty 【Video】

How many Japanese passerby return the lost wallet to its owner?

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Honesty experiment in China ends with losses of 20 percent for participating convenience stores

Two stores in China trialled unstaffed shops this week, in an experiment to see whether customers would pay up without being prompted.

Convenience stores in Beijing and Hangzhou were temporarily replaced with automated payment systems and advertised as “completely unstaffed”. Sadly, the experiment was not an unqualified success. While most customers proved to be honest, some chose to pay only a fraction of their bill, and in some case nothing at all.

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Kobe University study reveals honesty is the best policy, to the tune of $5,000

Quick, think of the one thing your parents always told you when you were growing up. Was it “be nice to people” or “always say thank you”? If the one thing you can remember getting drilled into your brain as a child was “don’t tell a lie” then chances are your making around $5,000 more annually than your peers who don’t remember such lecturing.

At least that’s what Kobe University Professor Kazuo Nishimura suggests after conducting a survey of nearly 16,000 adults in Japan.

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