Japanese panty thief steals over 700 pieces of underwear from coin laundry before finally caught

A dirty crime.

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Tokyo train passengers team up to take down thief who stole sleeping man’s wallet【Videos】

Quick thinking leads to swift justice on the last train of the night.

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Japanese thief steals thousands of dollars of fish from Kobe market, cleans up after himself

Japan’s seafood proves itself to be criminally delicious.

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Japanese thief returns stolen bicycle, includes written apology and edible gift to say sorry

But even after all that, he still shows no intention of reforming.

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Suspected jewelry thief captured in Japan in comically slow-speed foot pursuit by police【Video】

Suspect unable to outrun the law or the limits of his cardiovascular system.

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YouTuber conducts social experiment to test Japanese people’s legendary honesty 【Video】

How many Japanese passerby return the lost wallet to its owner?

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Saudi Arabian TV tempts would-be thieves in Tokyo to test Japan’s honesty

Besides great sushi, great customer service and ubiquitous vending machines, another great thing about living in Japan is the relatively low crime rate there. Although the country certainly has its criminals (including very cute and cuddly ones), visitors, tourists and expats in Japan routinely extol how Japanese culture has created a society where even a wallet full of cash will be returned to its owner most of the time. After hearing about Japan’s reputation for being an honest, rule-abiding country, a Saudi Arabian TV show created a social experiment to see what would happen when they left a very conspicuous wallet on the busy streets of Tokyo.

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Elderly lady gives chase as purse-snatcher sprints up escalator

If you pay attention while walking around Japan, you’ll eventually see signs warning pedestrians to be careful of purse snatchers. While the average person may never be involved in such an incident, many take care to walk with their bags held away from the street to avoid scooter-riding thieves.

Unfortunately, one 80-year-old woman wasn’t prepared for a purse snatcher while riding an escalator, but she also wasn’t about to just throw her hands up and cry either.

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Man Enters Woman’s Apartment, Demands Underwear at Knife-point

A 32-year-old man in the town of Hino, Tokyo, was arrested late last week on suspicion of having entering a woman’s apartment and demanding that she hand over her underwear.

According to an FNN News report, the man crept into the premises before brandished a knife and telling the resident to surrender her panties, but was apprehended soon after.

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