Passing the JLPT N1 — Here’s how I did it, so you can too!

Strategies to take down the N1 final boss.

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Japanese Twitter can’t stop laughing at this JLPT listening question straight out of Evangelion

And my teachers said watching anime would never pay off!

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Top 10 most irritating Japanese borrowed words

Here are some Japanese words that can drive English-speakers crazy when learning Japanese!

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Japanese language test-takers flip out over Engrish bathroom sign, get correction-happy

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a test of Japanese as a second language knowledge and is held twice a year in Japan and many other countries around the world. Since the test is entirely in Japanese, it can be taken by anyone regardless of English ability.

Even so, the organization decided to put up English translations on bathroom signs at a test location in Japan, and some irritated English-speaking members of the Grammar Police decided to do a little editing work whilst sitting on the potty.

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