Japanese mayor’s face sweater a big hit at annual Sweater Town Council Meeting

For this mayor Anytime Knit Day is no sweat…er.

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Singaporean artist knits actual instant ramen noodles into wearable art pieces【Pics, Video】

A scarf made of ramen may not keep you warm, but it will keep you full!

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Because if you’re going to knit a daikon, you might as well knit a really sexy one

Don’t ask why, just marvel at these vegetables’ sexy, knitted curves.

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Tohoku aid charity Knit For Japan attempts world record blanket

More than three years on from the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, there are still roughly 260,000 people living in temporary housing facilities. Since Tohoku gets mighty cold in the winter, sending these evacuees some lovely hand-made afghans is a woolly hug that lets them know they are not forgotten.

But that didn’t go far enough for Yokohama-based knitting teacher Bernd Kestler, who wanted to send them the biggest blanket the world has ever seen!

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Grumpy Cat is Not Pleased After Japanese Wool Felt Artist Shaves The Furry Bits

Wool felt crafting is fast becoming a popular hobby these days. With new techniques and innovative designs, more and more people are taking out their needles and dusting off their glue guns to test the boundaries of the craft. The results are wide and varied; some crafters choose to create cute, brightly coloured toys and accessories, and others prefer to sculpt half-shaved animals with pissed off faces.

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