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Don’t ask why, just marvel at these vegetables’ sexy, knitted curves.

It takes all sorts to make the world go round, and we each have our own little list of things that we do better than anyone else. For Kyushu-based blogger Becchin, it’s creating wonderful collections of cuteness from little more than a ball of yarn.

But this knitting ninja doesn’t just do adorable: Becchin dreamed up this strangely erotic daikon radish back in February—on Valentine’s Day, no less—and shared a tweet announcing plans to make the design their next knitting project:

Sure, it may have started off looking a bit like Thing from The Addams Family:

…and the “leaves” may have looked like they were trying to tell us something…

…but we think you’ll agree that the finished article is simply marvellous, not to mention wonderfully sexy:

(Click the image for close-ups)

Happy Monday, all! May your daikons be as sexy as they are delicious!

Source/feature image: Twitter/becchin h/t Curazy

Not sexy enough for you?

Warning: Japanese vegetables are getting sexy