Big breasts equals small number of fashion options.

Earlier this month, we sifted through the results of a survey from polling site Goo Ranking that highlighted aspects of life as a woman with a small chest. Of course, you can’t say something is small if there aren’t bigger examples as well, and so Goo also carried out a follow-up that looks at large breasts (figuratively).

A total of 500 responses were collected on  life with of kyonyu, or “giant breasts,” and below are the top 10.

10. When I soak in the bathtub, my breasts float up to the surface of the water (36 responses)

Whereas a bath (as opposed to just a shower) is an occasional luxury for many people in the West, a large number of Japanese people take a bath every day, which gives these women ample opportunity to observe their buxom buoyancy.

9. If I wear a top that’s low-cut, it looks excessively sexy. (39 responses)

Collarbone-hugging fashion can be stifling hot in the summer, which puts these women in a difficult position.

8. As I get older, my breasts start to visibly sag before other women’s do. (42 responses)

6 (tie). Sometimes the buttons pop off my shirt and go flying (43 responses)

Maybe Japan really does need special shirts for large-breasted women.

6 (tie). I’m embarrassed about my large cup size, so I buy bras smaller than my actual measurement. (43 responses)

5. One you get past E cups, it’s hard to find bras with cute designs. (48 responses)

While you can find plenty of girlish designs in small and medium sizes, once you move past average bustiness bras tend to be either overtly sexy or functionally plain.

3 (tie). “Large-breasted” might sound like a desirable trait, but I’m actually just heavyset. (57 responses)

3 (tie). If I wear a demi-cup/half-cup bra, my nipples don’t entirely fit in the cups, and they sometimes pop out. (57 responses)

2. People assume I’ve got huge areolas. (59 responses)

Assuming relative sizes stay the same, it’d be logical for a woman with large breasts would have large areolas. Probably best not to vocalize that hypothesis to her, however.

1. The selection of lingerie that I have to choose from is extremely small. (120 responses)

While petit-breasted women have seen their intimate apparel options increase in number recently, many chestier women bemoan the lack of variety at their end of the bell curve.

Source: Goo Ranking via Otakomu
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert images: Pakutaso (1, 2, 3, 4)

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